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  • What Are Rapid Weight Loss Shakes?

    What Are Rapid Weight Loss Shakes?

    Knowing what rapid weight loss shakes are isn’t rocket science. It’s in the name, after all! Rapid weight loss shakes are beverages that serve as meal replacements for losing weight,...

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  • Guide to Celebrity Slim shakes

    Guide to Celebrity Slim shakes

    Celebrity Slim Shakes: How Do They Work? At Celebrity Slim, we absolutely get how hard it can be to get that dream glam bod with how busy our lifestyles are....

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  • <h1>New Year, New You </h1>

    New Year, New You

    New Year New You It’s a new year, babes! No matter your goals and resolutions, your health should always be a priority. Prioritise becoming a healthier you, there’s a lot...

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  • Best Celebrity Slim Cyber Weekend Deals

    Best Celebrity Slim Cyber Weekend Deals

    Best Celebrity Slim Cyber Weekend Deals Cyber Weekend is approaching fast and we’re offering 30% off site-wide! If you’re looking to start your weight loss journey or need to stock...

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  • <h1>Lose Weight for 2023 </h1>

    Lose Weight for 2023

    The countdown The countdown to New Years is on! We’ve got less than 2 months before we reign in the new year, exciting stuff, unless we’re not happy with our...

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  • Benefits of Plant Proteins

    Benefits of Plant Proteins

    The Benefits of Plant Based Protein Protein supplements are among the most popular nutritional supplements within the space of personal care, fitness and beauty, and for good reason! Along with...

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  • Celebrity Slim Loyalty Program

    Celebrity Slim Loyalty Program

    Celebrity Slim Loyalty Program Welcome to our loyalty program, babe! How does it work? The Celebrity Slim loyalty program is super simple. It looks a little something like this: Create...

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  • <h1>Countdown to Summer </h1>

    Countdown to Summer

    The countdown to summer is ON! Weight loss season is among us, and we are here to help. Summer is only 2 months away, so if you want to slim...

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  • <h1> The psychology of food  </h1>

    The psychology of food

    It's no secret that to lose weight, you need to consume less calories or energy, than you expend. The reality is if you stop eating the things that have given...

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  • <h1>Delicious healthy snack foods</h1>

    Delicious healthy snack foods

    Both the 'Trim' and 'Maintain' phases of the Celebrity Slim Program allow for 3 snacks each day. These snack options can simply be a delicious Celebrity Slim snack bar, or one...

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  • Top 10 keys to weight loss success

    Top 10 keys to weight loss success

    Is it really possible to lose weight and keep it off?... Absolutely. The difference between those who successfully lose weight (and keep it off) with those who don’t. 1. Simple...

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  • <h1>Habits of healthy weight people </h1>

    Habits of healthy weight people

    In order to maintain your healthy weight for life, you need to learn new behavioural habits to replace the ones that contributed to your weight gain. We call them the...

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