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Preparing protein shakes is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just a few scoops of protein powder and some milk or water and you’re tasty shake is good to go. But even with the simplicity of making a protein shake, you might be making some common mistakes. Whether it be not knowing how to use protein powder for weight loss or overdoing it on the ingredients in your protein shake, all these can be counterproductive to your journey to a new fab body.

Here are some common protein shake mistakes you need to watch out for.

Not knowing when to take protein powder

Knowing the optimal period of when to take protein powder is important in achieving various fitness goals. Otherwise, you might just be drinking your protein shakes without maximising their benefits.

To start, when should you take protein powder for in order to achieve weight loss goals? It’s recommended that you do so in replace of daily meals to prevent too much calorie consumption and reduce appetite. But when it comes to muscle building, it’s a different story. According to various research, consuming protein within two hours after your workout is ideal for building more muscle mass. Besides that, protein shakes are also good to drink on off days should you have one, as there’s no harm in doing so.

If you’re still not sure on when to take your protein powder, consult a fitness expert beforehand. They’ll help you maximise the benefits of protein to achieve your dream bod!

Taking too much protein powder

According to the Harvard Health Publishing, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is at 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This isn’t necessarily the daily protein intake, but rather the minimum requirement for basic nutrition.

While it is safe to drink protein shakes everyday, too much in one day can actually add to your calorie and sugar intake. With this, it’s important to limit protein shake consumption to at most two shakes per day. That’s enough to supply you with enough protein to build your body’s muscle mass without the added calories and sugar.

Mixing the wrong ingredients in your protein shake

There’s nothing wrong with spicing up your protein shakes by adding some extra ingredients. Typically, low-sugar add-ons are recommended to keep it healthy. That being said, adding too much can actually contribute to weight gain, making your protein shake weight loss plan pointless.

Avoid using ingredients such as artificial sweeteners in your protein shake. Don’t be fooled by their whole “healthy alternative to sugar” messaging. Studies show that they can actually make you gain weight rather than lose them. Instead, opt for healthier ingredients such as yoghurt or chia seeds. They’re guilt-free, and they can make your delicious protein shakes even more yummy!

Being too dependent on the protein shakes

While protein shakes are helpful in the weight loss journey and they are safe to drink everyday, depending on them alone is not enough. As mentioned earlier, too much of them can add to your sugar and calories. Instead, we recommend integrating them into your diet while also turning to other food for sources of protein. That way, you get a high protein diet that’ll help you shed the kilos. Combine that with exercise and you’ll be in top shape shortly!

Aside from avoiding these mistakes, it will also do your diet good if you get a protein shake with a proven track record. Check out our amazing shakes at Celebrity Slim! With our effective and delicious shakes, you’ll get that absolutely fit body to die for in no time!

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