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Celebrity Slim Shakes: How Do They Work?

At Celebrity Slim, we absolutely get how hard it can be to get that dream glam bod with how busy our lifestyles are. There's so much to do, and by the time all the work is done, we're too tired to even lift a finger. That's why we created our range of weight loss shakes to help you achieve your fab fitness goals, even if you're strapped for time in your busy schedule! All you need is your Celebrity Slim plan and a balanced diet and you're good to go.

But how do our Celebrity Slim shakes work you may be asking? Here's everything you need to know.

How do Celebrity Slim shakes work?

Our Celebrity Slim shakes work in phases. You decide on a phase that fits your goals and we'll provide you with the products to help you reach them. Because the shakes reduce the carbohydrates and kilojoules, your metabolism is stimulated, which means more fat is burned. But what exactly is the science behind this?

To kickstart an effective weight loss program, reducing your calorie intake is the first place to start. Following this kind of diet helps to lower insulin levels in the body, which is the hormone that largely contributes to storing fat. These diets also tend to have a higher protein intake, which helps to lower appetite and encourage better metabolism levels. A controlled appetite means you consume less food than normal, which then leads to weight loss.

Aside from that, the extra kilojoules we don't use are stored as fat. Unless we burn them with physical exercise (which we sometimes don't have the time to do), the kilojoules will make us gain weight. So if you're keeping the weight off, consuming less of these can be an effective trick. Our shakes can help restrict the kilojoules in your diet, making it the perfect weight loss partner.

Check out our products for each phase to start the journey to a slim and fab bod!

Rapid - This is the kickstarter phase of our Celebrity Slim Program. As the name says, these Rapid Shakes help you lose weight fast so you can get a huge headstart on your journey to a rocking body. Try them out in four yummy flavours: Latte, Banana, Chocolate, and Vanilla!

Trim - These are for the trimming stage of the fitness journey. By toning the muscles, you'll get a leaner body with lower fat levels. For this phase, we recommend replacing two meals a day with a Celebrity Slim shake. Make sure the one meal left is healthy and balanced, and you'll have a toned bod in no time!

Maintain - So you finally got rid of those extra kilos. Congratulations! Now comes the next part which is keeping it that way. If you're just trying to keep off the lost weight, our “maintain phase” shakes are the perfect meal replacements for the job! Just swap one daily meal with a Celebrity Slim shake and eat two balanced meals a day. Simple.

We even have vegan dairy-free shakes available. No matter how you want to approach your weight loss journey, Celebrity Slim has the right, delicious shakes for you!

How many calories are in a Celebrity Slim shake?

How many calories are in your Celebrity Slim shake depends on the type of shake you're preparing. One serving (40 grams) of a Celebrity Slim Rapid Phase Vanilla Flavoured Shake is roughly 136 calories. For our vegan shakes, a Celebrity Slim Dairy-Free Chocolate Shake has 226 calories per meal.

For reference, 400 calories or more per serving is considered high in a 2,000 calorie diet. So there's no need to worry, babes, a serving of any of our Celebrity Slim shake products is still within the healthy range. And they're absolutely tasty, too, so you get all that flavour minus the extra calories!

What ingredients are in a typical Celebrity Slim shake? Is it gluten-free?

In general, the ingredients of normal Celebrity Slim shakes include protein and fibre to keep your tummies filled even while cutting down on calories. Our Rapid Phase Shakes also have Carnipure and green tea extract to burn fat and help you feel and look amazing as you shed the kilos.

As for gluten, our typical shakes make use of flavours that might have gluten, even though we don't add any in the mix itself. To be on the safer side, we offer a line of dairy-free shakes that are gluten-free and just as delish!

How do I make a Celebrity Slim shake?

Want to know how to make a Rapid Celebrity Slim shake? Just pour 200 mL of cold skim milk or water and two scoops of the shake powder into a shaker. Shake well for 30 seconds and enjoy!

As for making a Celebrity Slim shake with our dairy-free line, use low fat soy milk instead, or water, and prepare in a similar way above.

Where can I buy Celebrity Slim shake products?

You can buy any Celebrity Slim shake product online on our website or down at your local Coles supermarket. Check out our store and be one step closer to a newer, fab you!

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