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Part of the weight loss journey is limiting your portions and eating snacks with low calories and high protein to keep the hunger at bay. However, this doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or stop eating your favourite snacks! By combining delicious meal replacement shakes with the best low-calorie snacks for weight loss, you can achieve that killer body without sacrificing flavour and nutrition.

Here are some healthy snacking tips you can follow to keep you on track with your fitness journey.

Consume at least two mid-meal snacks in between shakes

While meal replacement shakes do a good job of keeping your hunger satisfied without spiking up your calorie count, just drinking these alone can spell disaster come evening time. You might be too hungry to control yourself and end up overeating too, wasting all your efforts. To prevent this, eating two mid-meal snacks that amount up to 400 calories in-between meals is recommended for curbing that hunger at night.

Keep your snack portions balanced

Cutting back on your food consumption doesn’t mean you should get rid of the key nutrients your body needs to function. Incorporating portion control snacks with your favourite food combinations ensures you’re getting a healthy balanced snack between meals. Harvard Health recommends food pairings such as;

  • Nuts for protein and fat, grapes for carbs
  • Crackers for carbs, low-fat cheese for protein and fat

There are some combinations you can try next time you’re in the mood for a snack. Eat low-calorie and nutrient-dense snacks so you’re getting enough macronutrients without the guilt.

Don’t just snack when you’re bored

Most of the time, the reason we eat snacks is because we’re bored. We may not even be hungry, we just need distractions while we do our tasks. This is a no-no if you’re trying to lose weight, so limit your snack time to when you’re actually hungry. Schedule your snack time if possible so you can prevent snacking at the most random times. Make sure you’re not doing anything else while eating as well, as you can get distracted to the point of overeating.

Don’t eat your snacks too quickly

Some snacks don’t take a long time to finish, but it’s still better if you take your time eating instead of consuming them in one go. While you can finish your snacks quickly, your brain might not register immediately that it’s full until 20 minutes later. By then, you may have overeaten already, which could lead to weight gain. Consume your snacks slowly and take the time to relish those tasty treats - they’re both delicious and healthy after all!

Go for fibre-rich low-calorie snacks to curb hunger

Snacks with low calories and high protein are a must to curb hunger without messing up your weight loss program. Low-calorie diets are ideal for weight loss because of calorie deficits where you consume less calories compared to the calories you burn. On the other hand, consuming protein can curb your hunger by diminishing ghrelin in your body, which is known as the hunger hormone. Eating healthy snacks with fibre and protein such as fruits and whole grains can also help control your appetite for weight loss purposes.

Plan your healthy on-the-go snacks for weight loss ahead

Bringing your snacks on-the-go is a good option especially when you’re outside. Plan ahead on what type of snacks are good for weight loss and which of them you can easily pack for the day if you’re at work or out and about. For starters, high-fibre snack bars such as our Killer Bod Fibre Bars are lightweight and easy to consume if you’re feeling a bit hungry on-the-go. You can also have a piece of our Booty Burning Chocolate, Cheat Day Chocolate, or Cheeky Little Sucker Lollipops ready inside your bags for a quick pick-me-up after a long day.

With the best low calorie snacks for weight loss and the right healthy snacking tips, you can seamlessly add these awesome treats to your fitness program. Make sure to follow the pointers above so you can enjoy guilt-free snacks while still following your weight loss shake regimen. And for the most delicious and healthy treats, check out our snack collection at Celebrity Slim!

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