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Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

There are many fads and trends that bill themselves as the next big thing in the world of fitness - most of them just come and go, and are often quite easy to forget when the new thing makes its entrance. Mindful eating, however, has been a practiced technique for a long time, as it comes from the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. By applying this principle to your eating habits, coupled with a proper diet and the best weight loss shakes in Australia, you can reach your fitness goals while staying happy with your food choices! Here’s everything you need to know about mindful eating.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is the concept of focusing on your thoughts, emotions, and physical senses when it comes to eating food. Rather than just eating food for the sake of it, you stop for a moment to become more attuned to what you’re feeling physically and emotionally while eating. Some mindful eating techniques you can practice include eating with no distractions, focusing on different aspects of the food (taste, smell, colour, and texture), chewing slowly, eating modest portions, and paying attention to your body for hunger cues. This concept isn’t just a way to appreciate and be grateful for the food on the plate, but it also helps deal with certain eating practices that, if left unchecked, would lead to poor health conditions. Through mindful eating you can achieve a healthier relationship with food and feel more satisfaction at mealtimes.

Why is mindful eating important for weight loss?

As mentioned earlier, mindful eating can help deal with unhealthy eating practices from overeating to diagnosed eating disorders. Mindful eating does its part in helping with weight loss by encouraging a more focused and measured approach in consuming food. One mindful eating technique is to slow down your chewing, as eating too fast might cause weight gain due to the fullness signals not reaching your brain immediately. This leads to overeating even when your body is technically full. To address this, paying attention to cues in your body that signify fullness is a skill you can practice with mindful eating. Another mindful eating tip for weight loss is to control your portions. Place a smaller portion on your plate to avoid food waste, as part of mindfulness is also appreciation of where the food comes from and who prepares it. Therefore, we need to show our gratitude by not wasting food unnecessarily.

How do we adopt mindful eating practices?

While this concept sounds very good on paper, mindful eating is easier said than done. With how busy and fast-paced our lifestyles are, we tend to just eat while watching TV, scrolling on our phones, working, or talking with friends and family. This means we rarely ever get the chance to just sit back and actually enjoy the food in front of us.  Old habits do die hard, but we can start introducing mindful eating techniques slowly and through a step-by-step process. When you’re eating your lunch, put the phone down, close your laptop, and just simply eat. Schedule time out of your day to sit down for your meals instead of just ordering to-go, and make sure to choose healthy options too to truly achieve health and satisfaction when you eat. It may be a difficult adjustment, but through small changes in your routine, you’ll become much more mindful of your food consumption. Even when you’re on the go, you can still practice mindful eating with the help of our quick meal replacement shakes. Take the time to drink your shakes and savour every sip instead of just chugging them down in one go. No working or playing while drinking - it’s just you and your Celebrity Slim shaker. Not only would you have a quick and healthy drink, but you’d also be savouring an absolutely delicious shake with so many yummy flavours available.
Knowing what the mindful approach to weight loss is, coupled with amazing rapid weight loss shakes, is the key to unlocking the secret to ideal fitness and an improved food experience. Practice these methods in your everyday routine and always be mindful of the way you eat or drink. Through mindfulness, you’ll have a happier and healthier relationship with food, plus a newfound appreciation for the effort that goes into it.
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