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Diet shakes are all the rage when it comes to rapid weight loss results, but do they work for long-term weight management? How long can you stay on them and how often should you drink protein meal replacement shakes to get that killer bod?

Diet shakes: how they work

If you’re a newbie to the world of weight-loss shakes, you may be wondering how they work. For starters, protein shakes are filled with vitamins, minerals, and of course, protein. That last nutrient in particular is the most important in its ability to help increase the feeling of being full. This helps you lose weight without feeling the need to satisfy your hunger with food. In short, these shakes offer a way to reduce calorie intake without starving yourself.

Our Celebrity Slim shakes work by reducing the carbs and kilojoules, stimulating metabolism and burning more fat in the process. Besides that, our weight loss shakes, which are packed with protein, come in a range of delish flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, and cafe latte for a full meal packed with flavour!

Studies show that in the short-term, meal replacement shakes are more effective at weight loss compared to normal low-calorie diet plans. While how much weight you can lose on rapid weight loss shakes can vary, they can lead to around two times more weight loss in three months compared to your typical diet.

But is a meal replacement shake diet enough to keep your dream body consistent in the long-term?

Diet shakes for long-term success

Diet shakes alone can’t help you maintain your weight loss goals in the long-term. That being said, combining these shakes with an efficient diet plan can help you keep it going past the initial months.

When it comes to how often you should drink protein shakes, we recommended taking two a day – one for breakfast and one for lunch – in addition to a light to modest dinner. You should also add in two snacks between meals so you don’t feel too hungry by dinner that you end up overeating. You don’t want that hard work going to waste after all!

As for how long you can stay on meal replacement shakes, studies show that a combination of one shake a day to replace a meal along with a reduced calorie diet can help keep the weight off for longer periods. So, the recommendation is to start by replacing two meals a day with shakes coupled with a light dinner and two snacks to kick start the weight loss process. Afterwards, move onto one shake a day to maintain your progress.

With the right diet shake plan coupled by an effort to reduce calories, long-term weight loss is very possible. And the best part? This plan is something you can keep going even when you have no time for exercise and physical activity. The perfect diet shake plan for divas on-the-go!

Start your meal replacement shake plan the right way with our Celebrity Slim shakes! Visit our website to check out our inventory of rapid loss shakes for your fitness journey.

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