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Quick Stats

Name: Yan-Fei
Start weight: 87.1kg
End weight: 76kg 
Weight loss: 11.1kg
Over: 6 weeks

I loved the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge and found it gave me the kick-start that I needed.

Losing 11 kilos in just 6 weeks blew my mind.

I was amazed with the results as well as the program.

The start was challenging... as it was a challenge! However, seeing results was very motivating and kept me going.

I really enjoyed the Celebrity Slim program as a whole.

The product range was delicious and the variety was great.

Plus, more importantly I never felt hungry during the 6 weeks.

My weight loss goal for the 6 week challenge was to reach 77 kilos. I've surpassed my short-term goal but not quite at my long-term goal yet.

I'm determined to keep on track after seeing such great results in just 6 weeks.

I know now, how simple it is to continue being healthy in order to keep seeing results.

I feel more energetic & more confident.

After completing the 6 week challenge, I feel healthier, definitely more motivated to keep going. And I certainly feel I've already begun to develop healthier habits.

*Individual results may vary.

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