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Quick Stats

Name: Kim
Start weight: 84kg
End weight: 62kg 
Weight loss: 22kg
Over: 6 months

After 16 years of marriage, I hated the fact that I had 'let myself go'. 'Life happened' - well to me it did. Life happened and I went along for the ride. I was busy working, and being a wife and mother. Until something personal happened that gave me a rude shock. Then I realised that I needed to be in control of my life, and getting my body back was something I needed to do for myself. Celebrity Slim gave me the tools I needed to do it. Now that my weight is gone I feel better about myself and feel like I can achieve anything - I have more faith in my ability to 'live life' rather than just 'live'.

Over approximately 6 months I lost 22kg, dropping from a size 16 to a size 10. I started at a weight of 84kg and reached my goal weight of 62kg. For a period of time I even went down to 61kg but I have maintained the weight of 62kg for over 9 months now. I tend to break the rules a bit now by enjoying life and not depriving myself at fun family celebrations, but I still have shakes once a day and my weight does not seem to fluctuate (I'm not even good with exercising!). It really works. The shakes taste great, it doesn't leave you hungry and it's convenient.

I discovered you don't have to be perfect to lose weight. With Celebrity Slim, I didn't feel like I was chained down to a restricted diet. Other diets had me feeling guilty if I didn't follow their diet 'exactly'. Using Celebrity Slim allowed me to lose weight but still enjoy life. The results are amazing! Whereas with other programs if you don't stick to it exactly, you don't see any weight loss.

Thanks to Celebrity Slim my goals now include regaining ownership of my life - not only being 'Mum and Wife' but also being 'Kim'. I have applied to study externally next year and would like to be involved in an industry that helps others. I feel most alive when I am able to do something for other people. I want to raise my daughter to be a fulfilled, happy and kind woman that is loved and appreciated for who she is.

Losing weight has made me feel fantastic - I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make until I actually lost it. I feel better about myself and I love the challenge of maintaining and being in control of my eating.

My greatest joy is when people who haven't seen me for a while run into me. It's fun watching them try to figure out a polite way of asking if I've lost weight without implying they thought I was big to start with.

*Individual results may vary.

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