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Quick Stats

Name: Sharon
Start weight: 73.5kg
End weight: 67.5kg 
Weight loss: 6kg
Over: 6 weeks

How do you feel after completing the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge?

I loved the challenge. It was so easy to stick to and it took all the hard work of calorie counting away (something that I am not good at). It made me re-think my eating habits for the better. I loved the variety too! I feel really good in my skin feel healthy I am a lot happier and more alert! (I have 2 kids under 3 so sleep is scarce). Thank you Celebrity Slim for reinventing me!

What was your weight loss goal and did you achieve it? If not, what do you think impacted on your success?

I still have 2.5kgs to lose until I reach my goal but I know it will be easy to do! It's just a matter of keeping up my commitment.

Which feeling best describes you post 6-week challenge?

More Energetic, More Confident, Feel Healthier, More Motivated, Developed Healthier Habits

*Individual results may vary.

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