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Quick Stats

Name: April
Start weight: 172.5kg
End weight: 72kg 
Weight loss: over 100kg
Over: 18 months

"I've been overweight my whole life. At 38 years old I was my biggest at 172.5 kilos and I dreaded the idea of being fat at 40. I knew I had to lose weight, not just for me, but for my husband and my kids. I wanted to be a healthy mum and live long enough to see my kids grow up."

When April Maxwell stepped hesitantly onto the scales 18 months ago, she knew the numbers weren't going to lie. But not in a million years did she expect the numbers to read '172.5kg'.

It was around that time that April endured the embarrassment and pain of taking her kids to Dreamworld and being too large to fit on any of the rides herself. "I felt embarrassed for me, but most of all, I felt mortified for the children," she says.

A few years earlier April applied for The Biggest Loser and had her sights set on being part of the popular Television series which had changed the lives of people just like her... But when she was turned down from the series she was once again alone in her battle against the bulge. After enduring a range of different fad diets and the resulting yo-yoing weight April was beginning to lose all faith.

Then a close friend recommended Celebrity Slim and after just a few sips April was hooked. With the help of Celebrity Slim April has been able to achieve her ultimate goal of losing 100kg in just under 18 months just in time for her 40th and credits her entire weight loss to Celebrity Slim. "I wanted a weight loss plan that was easy and convenient enough to stick to. I tried some other meal replacement shakes but they tasted vile. A friend gave me a Celebrity Slim shake - it was delicious!"

Below is April's journal during her last 8 weeks on the Celebrity Slim program, with only 10 kilos to lose to reach her goal weight before turning 40.

Fab at 40! April's amazing 100kg weight loss journey

Week One

I've been overweight my whole life. 18 months ago I was my biggest at 172 kilos and I dreaded the idea of being fat at 40. I knew I had to lose weight, not just for me, but for my husband and kids. I wanted to be a healthy Mum and live long enough to see my kids grow up. I wanted a weight loss plan that was easy and convenient enough to stick to and Celebrity Slim was exactly what I needed.

I've lost 82 kilos so far and I've got another 10 kilos to reach my goal weight before I turn 40 on October 25. If you want to lose some weight, why not take on an 8 week challenge too? I'm going to do a regular blog and give you all the tips and tricks that I use. If you become a member of the Celebrity Slim website (it's free), they'll also support you the way they supported me - with weekly emails and discounts on their shakes and soups and bars. If you want you can also create your own weight loss web page to share with others. Losing weight has changed my life, I hope that by telling my story I can help you change yours.

Week Two

This week's been so exciting. I've been so inspired by everyone's comments. It's like a great big hug.

Weight-wise I had a plateau this week, which always seems to happen when I reach another 10 kilo loss. But I still exercised regularly, played a lot with the kids and stuck with my shakes and healthy meals. And a tip: whenever I get chocolate cravings I have a Choc Mint shake instead - it works! It satisfies the craving and I feel good - in a non-guilty way. 100 kilos off, here I come!

Week Three

Yay! I finally jumped off the plateau and lose 2 kilos this week. Now I really feel like I'm on the home run. Speaking of which, it feels amazing to actually be able to run. There was a time - not so long ago - when I'd to anything to avoid even walking. So I know what it's like to think you're too fat to exercise - you're not. Just go slow. Start by walking short distances that you'd usually drive. Build it up by 10 minutes a day and as you lose weight I promise it gets easier. Starting is the hardest part.

I've been getting lots of lovely messages from people. And people asking for my advice. I may not be a doctor, but I reckon I'm an expert when it comes to the battle of the bulge. So I've been doing all I can to help those with questions. I know that getting support makes all the difference.

Week Four

Hi Everyone! Thanks for sending me your kind messages and questions. One thing has come up a few times: people thinking they're too far gone to lose weight. Never think you're too fat to turn your life around, just think about where I was (172 kilos) and where I am now (80 kilos). It may look like a massive journey. But it's only been a year and a half - and you know how quickly that goes! Before I started Celebrity Slim, there were times when I thought I'd be one of those people who have to be airlifted out of their home when they pass away. Now, I can't imagine sitting around all day and not exercising.

If I can do it, anyone can. I won't kid you - the first few weeks are hard! Stick with it! Losing weight itself is so immediately rewarding that it helps you stay on the path (all the new compliments help too). And taking Celebrity Slim is surprisingly easy, filling and fun. You can even freeze them and make a sludgie.

Why not give it a go? Focus on losing that first kilo, then the second, then you'll be super motivated to see a third one drop off. And a kilo is actually quite a lot.

Week Five

Wow, what a challenge this week's been. This last part of my weight loss journey is so much harder than I thought it would be. I got really fed up and went on a bit of a fruit binge (sweet, but better than chocolate!). When that happens, I try not to give myself too much grief and just makes sure I get back on the Program the next day. I'm only human; we all have slip ups.

It's as if my body has decided it likes being this weight and doesn't want to budge. Shane measured me and I was surprised to find out I've actually trimmed off heaps of extra centimetres this week even without losing a gram. So maybe it's the extra muscle I'm building up! I'm exactly the same weight today that I was when I got married 16 years ago (Michael says I'm much sexier now!). But this time round my body is toned, so I can slip into a size 12 easily and I even have abs, for the very first time in my life! I even took my wedding band off my necklace and am wearing it on my ring finger, which is really, truly a lovely feeling.

My 40th is only a month away and I really want to lose those final 6 kilos to reach my goal. I'm taking Plateau Breaker shakes, which has lower calories and carbs. It's helped me break through the plateau in the past, so fingers crossed.

Week Six

I finally lost another kilo - yay! My scales wouldn't move for almost 3 weeks - even if I jumped up and down on them. It was really starting to drive me nuts. I'd heard that some people who lose huge amounts of weight can find it hard to budge that final bit of bulge. But I finally did it! I've had to push through a plateau a few times now. I know it's just part of the process, so I just keep focused on my exercise and cut back on the calories and carbs.

Maybe the body just needs a little shake-up. I've switched to Celebrity Slim Low-Carb for one of my shakes each day, plus I saw my GP and have gone on a detox - cutting out coffee and dairy.

Week Seven

I can't begin to tell you how good I feel. The detox has worked - I've only got 3 kilos to lose until I reach my goal of losing 100 kilos. And I'm sure I can do that by my 40th.

Cleaning out the cupboards of all the diet drinks and sugar-free treats was one of the best things I could have done for the whole family. The girls and my energy levels have gone through the roof. Getting rid of all the artificially sweetened stuff has given me so much energy. I'm going to do this for the long haul.

I'm still doing one Low-Carb shake, one regular Celebrity Slim shake, my jelly (because I love it!) and lots of fruit and veg. Now I'm starting to panic just a little about what to do once I've reached my goal.

I've decided I'll stick with my regular shake once a day - because I really look forward to it and it's like a safety net. And I'll replace my second shake with veggies or a salad and see how that goes.

It's been an amazing journey - it's exciting and a bit scary to be so close to reaching my dream weight. Now I'm focusing on celebrating it with Michael when he comes home for my birthday.

Week Eight

1.3 kilos to go! I'm on the home run. The detox was fantastic. I wouldn't say I'm re-toxing, but it's nice to have coffee again.

I'm getting fitter with each workout. Whenever I'm too busy or tired and don't feel like exerting any energy I just think about how I'm fitter today than I was yesterday and if I go for a run or walk or whatever, I'll be fitter tomorrow than I am now. That's motivating, especially coming from the place I was, where doing even the simplest thing was exhausting. I'm just so grateful that my body hung in there to experience this new life.

I'm amazed at how many centimetres disappear into thin air each week. Even our dear old dog, Sienna, has lost weight from the regular walks (now the cats walk with us too). So the whole extended family is getting fitter! I'm doing a lot of sculpting and toning work with Shane now and don't mind that the heavier muscle mass I'm building possibly makes me weight more, as long as my body fat ration keeps dropping and I reach my 100 kilo weight loss goal.

Final Week

100 kilos down!!! Woo Hoo!!! What a journey - this is the best birthday present I could have ever imagined.

Losing 100 kilos is the biggest thing I've done in my life. Even in my wildest dreams, I couldn't have predicted how good this would feel. Sure, I've had my ups and downs, but this whole process has made me a better and stronger person.

I'm 40 and I look better than I have at any other time in my life. Better than when I was 20. Better than on my wedding day. I feel really healthy and happy and sexy! I just feel so grateful that my body hung in there. I really want to thank everyone for supporting me in this challenge - Michael, Kelly and Kaitlyn for saying 'go for it'. Shane for making me fighting fit. Celebrity Slim for creating a weight loss program that actually works! And all of you for your incredible messages of support.

If I did it, so can you. I want you to know that it doesn't matter whether it's 10 kilos or 100, it's your personal journey - you owe it to yourself to lose it. You can do it - and I promise you, it's worth the shakes, sweat and tears!

April's Post-Weight Loss (Maintain Phase) Blog:

Monday: Shane is really putting through my paces with the weight training and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I was sweating like anything and then Shane said let's break your PB on the rowing. I'm thinking no way after the weights but I crushed it. I did 1000m in 4m 32s. New personal record - and then he said lets do a 20min run at the end. I'm fit, I really am!!

Tuesday: I am at goal. I have lost 100kg in less than 2 years. I'm only having 1 shake a day now as I have started the Maintain Phase of the Program. I feel so wonderful at this size and I feel so sure I can maintain this weight with a healthy eating attitude and exercise program and of course my shake once a day just for the pure love of it. I'm thinking I might try a triathlon.

Wednesday: Wow I know I'm going on about my training but boy is Shane pushing me. My goal when I lost my 100kg was forgotten until Kaitlyn reminded me that I wanted to swim with sharks. I have misunderstood myself for so long and now I know who I am: An exercise guru who's only using food for fuel instead of habit, guilt and non-satisfation.

Thursday: Oh my goodness. You know how I was talking about swimming with sharks, well my guardian angel team from Celebrity Slim sent me a swim with Sharks for my birthday. Can you believe it. Thank you so much Celebrity Slim, you are wonderful and so thoughtful. And guess what? I look good in swimmers!! Oh, my goodness!!

Friday: I'm enjoying adding a bit of variety to my diet with my food. I am feeling a bit hungry the next day after training as I am doing a lot of weight training. Shane reminds me to make sure I have protein after my session as it helps repair muscle. Celebrity Slim snack bars and meal bars are ideal because they are high in protein and give you that sugar fix that you crave after you work out.

Saturday: Happy 40th to me! I'm not distressed about turning 40 because I look better than ever. I've told Michael that I want to renew our vows as I want to wear a bikini top, a flowing white shirt with flowers in my hair and my beautiful girls walking beside me to the love of my life. I've got wonderful, thoughtful birthday gifts and I have the most beautiful husband and wonderful children.

Sunday: I have made it and I'm so proud of myself! Now onwards with the rest of my life and maintaining my new self.

*Individual results may vary.

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