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Quick Stats

Name: Erica
Start weight: 64kg
End weight: 58kg 
Weight loss: 6kg
Over: 6 weeks

How do you feel after completing the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge?

I'm so happy with the results! I've lost 6 kilos in just 6 weeks and have gained so much confidence back. I'm not done yet though. Seeing results so early on has only spurred me on to achieve more. I not only enjoyed the Celebrity Slim program and felt like it fitted in perfectly to my life, but for once in my life I enjoyed my workouts as well. I've now got heaps of energy to live life to the full and conquer the gym every day and I feel happier and healthier than ever. Now I simply ask myself, why I didn't get onto this months ago!

What was your weight loss goal and did you achieve it? If not, what do you think impacted on your success?

My weight loss goal was: 50 kilos

I have another 8 kilos to go and I know I can now easily achieve this thanks to Celebrity Slim. The Rapid 6 Week challenge has been life changing! I can't wait to meet the new me at 50 kilos.

Which feeling best describes you post challenge?

More motivated.

*Individual results may vary.

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