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Quick Stats

Name: Koo
Start weight: 118kg
End weight: 88kg 
Weight loss: 30kg
Over: 8 months

My name is Koo, I am 37 years old and married with 5 children. I had 4 of my 5 children within 6 years, which really contributed to my weight gain. I was already going to the gym, but my weight was not really going down. I was weighed by one of the staff at the gym and I was devastated by the fact that I was 118kg.

Around that time, my dad became very ill from diabetes and we nearly lost him. I realised that I was extremely overweight and needed to do something very quickly to save my life - I was desperate for help.

I went straight to my local Priceline Pharmacy at Munno Para and bought a pack of Celebrity Slim 7 Day meal replacement shakes. In the following week I lost 2.1kg and continued going to the gym. The next week I met with a fantastic staff member called Anna. I weigh in every week with Anna, she has helped me stay on track with her friendly advice and world of knowledge.

At my last weigh in on 5/11/09 (8 months later) weight: 88kg, waist: 94cm, hip: 121cm  arm: 33cm and BMI of 35.61. I had not only lost 30 kilos, but I'd lost 40cm from my waist, 24cm from my hips, and 18cm from my upper arms.

I have lost 30kg and I feel so young and energetic. Anna and Celebrity Slim have really helped me stay on track to regain my life, be successful and enjoy living again. I have so much more confidence. I still want to lose about 20kg more and I know I can do it, because it is so easy. Every time I have a chocolate craving I just have a bite of a chocolate meal replacement bar and the craving goes away. Thank you so much Celebrity Slim, I am well on my way to achieving my goals.

These fabulous products have helped me lose so much weight in such a short time. Every product is delicious and they work. I am still a work in progress and have about 20 more kilos till I am at my goal, but I have worked really hard and I'm proud of my achievements so far. I know that Anna at Priceline Muno Para, South Australia, will be really proud of my achievement.

I feel like I have so much energy. I love the comments from people I haven't seen in ages and they tell me I look fantastic. Celebrity Slim has given me my life back.

Everything is delicious and it is so quick and easy to prepare. Works well with me because I am a busy mum. My favourite products are the Chocolate fudge meal replacement bar (I have a bite of one whenever I have a chocolate craving and then store it for next time) and love every flavour of shake and the mild Indian curry soup.

I hope I will inspire others, because I am proof that the Celebrity Slim program works. I am a busy mother of 5 and I find the time and determination to work on my body. You really have to focus on your mind and body, it's not just about the exercise, it's a holistic approach. My goal is to help others lose weight too. I have even started making a scrap book of my journey so my children and I can look back at my success.

My goal is to be healthy, and be a positive role model for my children. My children have motivated me into changing my lifestyle. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. My family will always be my first priority but getting healthy is extremely important to me.

*Individual results may vary.

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