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Quick Stats

Name: Naomi
Start weight: 90kg
End weight: 60kg
Weight loss: 30kg
Over: 12 months

I've had great success with Celebrity Slim!! I was 90kg and pushing a size 18 two years ago and now I'm 60kg, fitting into size 8 and have kept the weight off for over a year. Before Celebrity Slim, I'd tried load of other meal replacement programs, but found Celebrity Slim by far the yummiest and easiest to stick to. Celebrity Slim also helped me re-educate myself on food, healthy eating and exercise. My success has inspired friends and family too... which has been extremely rewarding. I have and will continue to recommend the Celebrity Slim program. Here's a pic of me before... I feel so great now and get shocked even looking at this pic. It's well worth it!

I put a lot more exercise in towards the end like jogging and core exercises... but it's been well worth it. I was on a high of excitement for weeks after the first time I bought a pair of size 8 jeans.. I couldn't believe it and didn't want to take them off hahaha! I actually love shopping now ;)

I was on it (Celebrity Slim) for around 12 months, however, I wasn't real strict with it so I could've lost the 30kg quicker. I was fairly strict for the first few months and it was hard at times, but as soon as I'd step on the scales and see my weight drop, it was enough motivation for me. Any days I was hungry, I would just mung out on high protein foods or veggies. I still drank alcohol and ate pizza and chocolate (still do), however, I just cut down the amount of times I would consume it... save it for a treat.

I had shakes for breakfast and lunch and would have a light dinner (follow the guide) and try to have dinner earlier in the evening... I found the earlier I had dinner, the more weight I would lose... and definitely don't have carbs for dinner. I've been off Celebrity Slim for over 1.5 years now and have maintained it through exercise and sticking to a low carb healthy diet. Always have breakfast too. I still have the occasional shake for breakfast if I'm pushed for time or don't feel like eating breakfast. I LOVE my food too and even though it's tough to begin with, it becomes part of your lifestyle and you really don't miss your old eating habits (I still eat junk food and carbs, just not as much). It really is worth the effort and the difference it can make in your life is unbelievable! You start to get addicted to the exercise and how good it makes you feel... not to mention being able to fit into smaller clothes hahaha.

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