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Quick Stats

Name: Michelle
Start weight: 91kg
End weight: 85kg 
Weight loss: 6kg
Over: 6 weeks

How do you feel after completing the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge?

I feel amazing after my 6-week challenge. I've lost 6 kilos and I can exercise for 1 ½ hours a day now and I am so much more flexible. I have heaps more energy to keep up with my 3 little children. My clothes are falling off me and I can't wait to buy some new and smaller clothes for summer. Plus, what's more, I found the program easy. Not only were the products delicious, I still got to eat and cook real food for both my family and me. This helped me to stay on track, plus all my kids loved the healthy nutritious meals I was cooking up for them. Win/Win!

What was your weight loss goal and did you achieve it? If not, what do you think impacted on your success?

My overall weight loss goal was 70kg.

I wanted to lose an average of 1kg per week and I did achieve that goal every week. I still have 15kg more to get to my desired weight goal of 70kg however after seeing such great results with Celebrity Slim after just 6 weeks, I am more confident than ever I will achieve this.

Which feeling best describes you post-challenge?

More energetic, more confident, feel healthier, more motivated.

*Individual results may vary.

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