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Quick Stats

Name: Charley
Start weight: 75.6kg
End weight: 70.8kg 
Weight loss: 4.8kg
Over: 6 weeks

How do you feel after completing the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge?

4.8 Kilos in 6 weeks was a great result! I was so happy with the amount of weight I lost during the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge. All in all, I felt the first week was the hardest to curb my habits of snacking. I enjoyed the challenge and how Celebrity Slim sets out exactly what to eat and when to eat it and was easy to stick to. I have lots more energy and I feel a more positive view on everyday activities. I am feeling much more confident within myself and am a far more happier person all round.

What was your weight loss goal and did you achieve it? If not, what do you think impacted on your success?

My weight loss goal was: 68 kilos

I was so close to reaching my goal weight, however didn't quite reach my ideal 68kilos at the end of my 6-week challenge. However losing 4.8 kilos in just 6 weeks has made me more motivated than ever to continue on the Celebrity Slim program until I reach my goal. I found I dropped 3-4KG in the first 2 weeks and then only small amounts in the last 4 weeks. However I think the fact that it was my birthday during the 6 weeks and I took the day off from the program and splurged a little, maybe why I experienced slower weight-loss in the last 4 weeks. That said, it was nice to know that on the Celebrity Slim program slip-ups are expected (because we're all human, aren't we!) and it was simply suggested that I get back on the program the following day, which is exactly what I did. Therefore by re-starting the Rapid phase again on the Monday helped me kick start the weight loss again and I have felt great ever since.

Which feeling best describes you post-challenge?

More energetic, more confident, feel healthier, more motivated, developed healthier habits.

*Individual results may vary.

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