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Quick Stats

Name: Alison
Start weight: 69kg
End weight: 59kg 
Weight loss: 10kg
Over: 6 weeks

How do you feel after completing the Celebrity Slim Rapid 6 Week Challenge?

I Feel Amazing. I never thought I would lose the weight at 40 but now all the ladies in the gym are asking how I did it. I tell them it is easy with Celebrity Slim. What's more, it only took 6 weeks to see substantial changes, which will now keep me motivated for life. The products are delicious and so were the recipes on offer and it was great to know you could still eat real food so you never feel deprived. Plus, I could still go out for social occasions; all I had to do was make the right food choices. Simple as that!

What was your weight-loss goal and did you achieve it? If not, what do you think impacted on your success?

My weight-loss goal was: 55 kilos

I still have 4 more kilos to lose but with my new found confidence I know I can do it. As the challenge was only six weeks, my goal was to lose a little over a kilo a week and I achieved this and more. Therefore with a little more time, I'll be down to 55kg in no time. The Celebrity Slim program is great, as it has taught me what I can and can't have to keep looking good and it easily fits into my busy lifestyle.

Which feeling best describes you post-challenge?

More Energetic, More Confident, More Motivated, Developed Healthier Habits.

*Individual results may vary.

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