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The countdown to summer is ON! Weight loss season is among us, and we are here to help. Summer is only 2 months away, so if you want to slim down or get shredded, you need to start now!

How can I get a summer body?

As the warmer weather starts to set in, a lot of us want to be able to show some skin with confidence, so we need to get moving!

To get your body ‘summer-ready’ you need to start early and set a deadline. For example, most diet plans top tips for weight loss will include setting a goal and a deadline. When you have a goal to achieve within a certain time frame, you’re more likely to stay on track, increasing your chances of meeting your goals in time!

The Celebrity Slim program is ideal for setting goals and meeting deadlines because you’re able to choose your products, learn about allowable foods and snacks while on a diet, and receive recommendations for exercise. We highly suggest you find a suitable plan for you – depending on how much weight you want to lose there are three different phases we offer. Check out our rapid, trim and maintain phases to decide.

Think of our phase as a helping hand on your weight loss journey, you still need to put in some work! In order to start losing your 1kg a week in the lead up to summer you need to get moving, too.

A healthy rate of weight loss is around 1kg per week, the sooner you start the more you’ll lose before summer hits. Depending on your lifestyle, try to incorporate light-moderate activity at least 3 times a week. These stages of exercise can be done from home, so no excuses! Whatever your focus area is, there will be an at home workout that fits.   


At home workout

 Core: Bicycle kicks

  • Lie on your back and raise your legs. Put your hands behind your head for stability.
  • Bring your left leg in towards your chest, then alternate legs by extending your left leg back out whilst you bring your right leg in towards your chest

Legs: Standing calf raise

  • Stand on the edge of a step with your heels hanging over the edge
  • Lower your heels downwards then raise up onto your toes, feeling the stretch in your calf
  • Brace your core while you perform the exercise to help keep your balance.
  • Repeat for the requires number of repetitions

Arms: Tricep dips:

  • Sit on a bench or a desk with arms either side holding onto the edge
  • Position your feet comfortably away from the surface you are sitting on then lower your body downwards until your elbows are bent to about 90°
  • Flex your knees slightly and push yourself back up to the starting position
  • Repeat for the required number of repetitions


These are some easy at home and relatively low impact exercises. Some things you can do to burn more calories throughout the day is to simply move more. Walk the long way home, stretch in the morning, digest throughout the day, every movement matters. Some examples of how to burn more calories include:

  • Sitting up straight
  • Eat breakfast
  • Sleep 7-9 hours

Staying motivated

Motivation is key when it comes to any goal, and it can be tough, but it’s even harder to keep motivated when you’re doing something you don’t necessarily want to do, like diet and exercise! One tip is to use a weight loss calculator it’ll tell you how many calories you need to consume in order to not only reach your goal, but maintain it as well.

 It’s a good idea to plan your meals in advance, if you’re taking the Celebrity Slim shakes then you’re halfway there, but when you think about what solid foods should be in your diet it can be overwhelming. Meal prep allows you to count your calories in advance which is a helpful tool to keep you on track. For some extra motivation check out our success stories!

Staying on track

To get that summer ready body you need to be consistent, this is why it is so important to set realistic goals for yourself. If you don’t want to join a gym, then just go for a walk with a friend! Exercise doesn’t have to be hard.

Pro tip: don’t weigh yourself every day! As tempting as it can be to weigh in every morning on a diet, you’re not going to see results like you would if you weighed yourself once a week. Weight fluctuates, and even if you barely ate yesterday, it’s possible to weigh more the next day. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment!

Feel free to reward yourself! You’ve been working hard to lose weight in time for summer. You don’t have to wait until you’ve hit your ultimate goal weight to celebrate. This does not mean rewarding yourself with unhealthy food! Keep going with your diet & exercise plan, and after 2 weeks of a consistent, disciplined routine, reward yourself with things like:

  • Getting a massage
  • See a movie
  • Running shoes – it will give you some motivation to go for a walk/run
  • Spa day
  • Anything you find enjoyable!

Pay attention to what you’re eating, stay active and be strict with yourself. The countdown to summer is on, so get started now!

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