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As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, it can be challenging to maintain the motivation to stay active. The allure of cozy blankets, warm drinks, and the indoors can easily outweigh the desire to exercise. However, staying active during the cooler months is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health. Here are some strategies to keep you motivated and moving as the season changes.

  1. Think of Exercise as 'Me Time'

Physical activity can boost your self-esteem and clear your mind. Treat exercise as a personal time to get some headspace and take care of your body, and you might find yourself more motivated to do it. If you're just starting out and currently do little or no activity, you'll notice even greater benefits.

  1. Exercise with Others

You're more likely to stick with regular exercise if you enjoy it, and what better way to enjoy it than with an exercise buddy? Working out with friends or a group means you can motivate each other, and it's harder to cancel when someone's counting on you.

  1. Enjoy Nature and Scenery

Being outside is good for your health and happiness. Make exercise your reason for getting outside—maybe a brisk walk or jog in the local park or countryside. You'll connect with nature and enjoy a change of scenery.

  1. Get Fully Equipped

It's safe to exercise in extreme cold if you're properly equipped:

  • Wear layers.
  • Protect your head (hat), hands (gloves), and neck (lightweight scarf).
  • Use a lightweight, waterproof jacket.
  • Wear trainers with good grip.
  • Pop on a high-vis vest if the light is poor (unless your jacket/kit is already fluorescent).

Keep an eye out for hazards and remember that you'll warm up by the end of your workout.

  1. Switch It Up

If heading outside feels too daunting, try something indoors. There are plenty of cheap or free indoor activities that can be done regardless of the weather. Use this as an opportunity to try something fun, like indoor/home workouts or free routines available on social media.

  1. Set Small and Achievable Goals

Having a goal is a great motivator. It doesn't have to be a big challenge like a race or event. It could be something simple, like a daily walk at lunchtime for a month or a weekly workout video. It doesn’t need to take more than 20 minutes of your time each week, and you’ll be more likely to go in bad weather if you know someone is looking forward to seeing you

  1. Reward Yourself

Positive rewards help build new habits. If you've put in the effort through exercise, why not treat yourself to something you enjoy?

  1. It's OK to Stop

Exercising in winter can sometimes feel harder. Remember, it's okay to take a break, walk, sit down, or take time off exercising altogether. Just try again when you're ready.

Staying active during the cooler months requires a bit of creativity and planning, but the benefits to your physical and mental health are well worth the effort. So, layer up and make the most of the unique opportunities that the cooler months bring.

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