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Irish girl about to start Celebrity slim !

Saturday Sep 12, 2009Limerick Lady
hello all the celebrity slimmers out there, i've been reading through your posts and i must say i am very impressed and inspired. i lost 5 stone last year on lipotrim but a year later its all back on. it was the hardest diet ever and i never wanna go back !! i'm starting this diet on monday and i'm all fired up. i've those famous 5 stones to lose plus tax !!! all in all i've about 8 stone to lose, is this psooible? any words of wisdom? i'm the type of person that once i put my mond to something i stick with it, however i can be very impatient with myself and as i lost 5 stone last year in 3 months, i know i'll probably be expecting miracles for it to happen so quickly on this diet, or would the results be as fast? looking forward to hearing from you and well done to everyone x

Saturday Sep 12, 2009decflynn
Comment with ID: 180527
hello. well i dont think it will came off that fast,but if it does its not good for your health. anyway im trying it to. well week 2. ive losted about 4lbs. which is good but i need to loss oh about 5 stone. How did your first week good? i do like the shakes and the soup. that other diet you were on and lost 5 stone the stuff was not nice. i did try it but dont like the shakes at all and the not eating , well you did good and its very hard so i think you can do this. just one day at a time.

Saturday Sep 12, 2009Bella5
Comment with ID: 178068
Hi. I only started 3 1/2 weeks ago. You will love CS. It really does change the way you view food. I'm really happy with the results so far. The changes I've made so far are definately maintainable, so I'm really happy that I'll be able to keep the weight off! First few days are hard. I felt hungry alot and had a headache for 4 or 5 days. Drink LOTS of water as this helps. Once you get past the first few days you will feel fantastic!!! Going onto CS is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. All the best with your journey.

Sunday Sep 13, 2009Melanor
Comment with ID: 185136
hmm, i never thought about it but i would say that going on CS is the best thing i've done for myself in a long time too! i don't think you'll see results that quickly, but you'll definately feel them! your skin, sleep patterns and general energy level will be much better. good luck, stay motivated!

Sunday Sep 13, 2009Limerick Lady
Comment with ID: 178071
hi all, thanks a million for your positive answers, i'm really looking forward to starting as you're a good bunch for positivity !!

decflynn, well done you, 4lbs, that's brilliant, and the best thing is you are allowed to eat on this one. i've the same as you to lose, well idealily i'd love to lose more but 5 is my milestone for the moment. we'll do it. i haven't started yet, i bought the stuff today and am starting it monday. i'm mentally allergic to the skakes and soups after my hell on lipotrim so i opted for the bars. the lady in the chemist gave me a mixture of both chocolate and berry, she threw in a sample of each and i tried one there earlier, yummy yummy yummy. i'll take your advice decflynn and do it one day at a time, thanks a million and keep up your great work

bella5, thanks, i'll have to watch those headaches, i suffer from migraines but i'll get as much water into me as i can to try stop them. when did your headaches stop? x

melanor, sounds like you are really happy with this diet, i never thought i'd hear "happy" and "diet" together !!!

Sunday Sep 13, 2009angie2008
Comment with ID: 181485
hi limericklady, welcome to cs. iv been on cs for 6 weeks and have lost 15lbs, it's not as fast as i would like, but iv decided it's better to lose it steadily and hopefully it will stay off. You are likely to have a few tough days, but you need to focus on is your goal, i believe cs is the one diet that will actually work, iv tried many diets and have not had much success, iv never lost a stone in 6 weeks before so i know i truly beleive that cs is the one that will work.

good luck on your journey, look forward to reading your success story

Sunday Sep 13, 2009Limerick Lady
Comment with ID: 178073
thanks angie2008, that is fantastic, you have lost over a stone in 6 weeks, well done you you must be delighted with yourself. i am the same, i have tried every diet under the sun, i've always strugged with my weight, i'm 35 and never really thought about my weight until i went to uni, then i partied non-stop and that's where the problems started !!! i've tried the cabbage soup diet, the atkins diet, the ban white foods diet and finally lipotrim which was so severe. i'm delighted to have found this diet as i don't think its a fad like the others. i tried the bars earlier and they are delicious. i'm starting on monday and i am determined to stick to it as i'm disgusted with myself for putting on all the weight i lost last year but onwards and upwards. i lost weight for my sister's wedding last year and did the same for my own one a few years back, but this time around i'm not dieting for an occasion, i'm gonna diet as i want to feel healthy and i wann be able to see my toes when i stand up

how long do you plan on staying on CS? i've 5 stone to lose for starters so i'll be here till i'm 40 he he!!

Monday Sep 14, 2009Ireland123
Comment with ID: 185707
Hi Limerick Lady, welcome to CS, I am from Galway but doing the plan in sydney. I find it really good, have lost over 10kg but have another 10 to go. Makesure you drink loads of water and have your daily snack. Best of Luck. Michelle

Monday Sep 14, 2009Limerick Lady
Comment with ID: 178018
hiya michelle, its good to chat to another irish person, we've fantastic sunshine here for a change, but you have it all the time in sydney you lucky thing. it must make it easier in the sun as i never seem to have an appetite when its hot, so long may the sunshine last ! wow, 10kgs, that fantastic, you must be delighted with yourself. how long did it take you to lose them? is CS an australian diet as its mostly australians on this? well done again and keep up the fantastic work x Louise

Monday Sep 14, 2009Evie OB
Comment with ID: 184337
Heh Limerick Lady. Started myself just over a week ago and like yourself I've 8 stone to lose. I lost 8 lbs in my first week but God I've found it so tough. Definately agree with drinking loads of water, the days I didn't i really felt it. Still finding it hard, i'd be lying if i said i wasn't. It's my first time doing a meal replacement diet, got scared off from the others, CS seemed like such the healthier option.

Well best of luck to u and talk to ya soon
Yvonne xx

Monday Sep 14, 2009Ireland123
Comment with ID: 185732
Hi there, I heard the weather was fab. Its been really nice here aswell for the last few days. I lost 13kg but was home in July and put on 3kg, so back on the straight and narrow, even though went off track at the weekend, but its Monday again and back on track. Im sure you will do really well on it, try and exercise aswell, I go to curves 4 times a week if I can. Find Low carb wraps and stuff like that really helpful, I think the Healthfood stores should have a similar wrap in Ireland. Anyway have a nice day. Michelle

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